Our doors are always open at the Mindvalley headquarters, and we often have notable entrepreneurs, speakers and leaders walking through them, be it to sit down and share their insight with us, give a talk to our team or venture into a collaboration with us. You’ve seen some of them featured in our training videos on this website, such as Amish Shah.

But not all of our favorite people are able to pay us a visit. Yet that doesn’t stop us from constantly touching base with them either by email or by phone to exchange our latest findings and studies of the market, or simply just to have a conversation between friends.

Recently, Vishen had one of those phone conversations with whom he cites as “one of his biggest inspirations” while he was building Mindvalley. And that’s business and personal development coach Eben Pagan, who provides information products, training and coaching to entrepreneurs.

Vishen decided to record the chat (don’t worry Eben was aware!) and turn it into an interview with Eben to be shared here on Mindvalley Insights, focusing on the story behind Eben’s success – a 100% virtual company that churns US$23-30 million in sales annually – and applying effective processes into his business.

In this 20-minute conversation, three key questions were addressed:

1) What was the tipping point that caused Eben’s business to explode?

2) How did he put his processes on autopilot?

3) What is Eben’s biggest advice for other aspiring lifestyle entrepreneurs?

From Eben’s “A-ha!” moment to his struggles and the people he looked up to, we hope you’ll take a few good things away from Vishen’s phone chat with the man. But please excuse the not-so-top-notch quality of the audio as it’s a personal recording – and do ignore the scribbling sound of Vishen taking notes (we’re avid notetakers here at Mindvalley!).

If you are a current entrepreneur or an aspiring one looking to build your business or your company, who inspires you and who do you look up to for guidance? We’d love to hear your insight in exchange for ours, if that’s all good with you.



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