If you construct your landing pages right, you’ve got a lot of beach time ahead of you. Your landing page is the first step to capturing all that traffic you’re paying for. A well-made landing page could be the difference between a website that’s your hobby and a website that funds your vacations.

If you’re spending cash on pay per click or other advertising, there are several crucial principles you must follow (if you want to make money)…

What Makes a Good Landing Page?

1. The headline and copy correspond to the ad that triggered the page.

If your ad is targeted to people looking for golf attire, your landing page should focus on golf attire, and not on other items that could distract from the main focus, such as golf clubs.

2. The focus is on getting visitors to take one specific action.

The landing page works on the basis of a most wanted response (MWR). It is designed to get the target audience to take ONE specific action, such as making a purchase or subscribing to a newsletter.

3. There are no distracting navigational links.

Unlike the homepage, the purpose of the landing page is not to get the users to browse the site, but to stay on the page and carry out the MWR. Tests have shown that landing pages with too many navigational links consistently under-perform. Just stick to the basics: a company logo or header for recognition along with a link to the homepage are sufficient. Avoid having any links that distract from carrying out the MWR.

4. The copy is short.

The copy on the landing page is usually shorter and more straightforward than the copy on your homepage. Remember to keep the look and feel of your landing page consistent with the rest of your website.

5. There is a prominent subscription form or checkout option.

The action you want the user to take should be available on the landing page itself; the user should not have to click to another page.

Below is an example of a landing page we use to get visitors who click on our meditation-related ads to sign up for a free online course. Notice the short copy, prominent signup form, and the lack of a confusing navigation menu…

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