Our regular readers may have noticed a slight downturn in AdWords-centric blog posts over the past few weeks (months?).

Let me explain why.

While we enjoy sharing our regular experimental results and weekly nuggets of wisdom, we took a hiatus from these to focus on something dramatically more useful to you.

We hunkered down and finally put into writing a series of revelations that occurred over the past 6 months or so.

You might look at it as “The State of AdWords” but it is more than that; you will also see our predictions for the future (i.e. what the current state means to the future of your business).

So head over and get your hands on our most up-to-date battle plan to protect your business now and in the future.

The tipping point for this piece came while Mike was perusing an old military manual. You’ll see what I mean.

Once you read it, keep your eyes peeled for those how-to’s and updates we wrote about. Get it now (if it matters it is free).

Here’s a note Gary wrote in about an hour ago:

The coming adwords war is probably one of the most informative, and most importantly succint documents
that cover the real essence of a successful adwords campaign. Like alot of others I have spent a fair bit of
time and money(!) and learnt the hard way about doing adwords. What your guide instantly highlighted
were the errors I had previously made. It is a must read!



Once you take a look, please let us know what you think!

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