Mindvalley CEO and co-founder, Vishen Lakhiani recently posed the following question on Facebook.

So we’re looking to do new posts and videos for Mindvalley Insights. And I’d love to know – what would be your BIGGEST question for me on Mindvalley, our marketing model, operations, biz processes, or way of thinking? We’ll be answering the top question on Mindvalley Insights in the coming weeks. Go ahead, ask me anything. Leave a comment below.

And boy, did the questions come in! We received loads of juicy queries so we frog-marched Vishen into the hot seat and filmed our new series, Q&A with Vishen.

Here in the second session of the Facebook Q&A, Session two of Q&A Time with Vishen is now ready and it covers queries from MVI readers on how to get the most from a brain storming session and what the secret to long term business success really is.

The long term business success Mindvalley has comes basically from strong mission, company culture and growing employees. Check how he does it!

Got a question of your own? Post it on our Facebook page and it could be featured in our next Q&A with Vishen!

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