I often come across sites with links to pages like “Privacy Policy”, “Checkout” and “Security Policy” plastered all over the footer.

Is this a problem? Not really – but when these pages are being linked to from every page on your site, you’re really not optimizing your PageRank.

Let’s say you sell Widgets in Alabama and your main page links to:

Widgets in Alabama
About Widgets
How to Use Widgets
Privacy Policy

This is a simple 5 page site for the purpose of this example. The first 3 links are to articles that you wrote and optimized for search engines. The next 2 links are necessary for legal compliance and ordering, but not meant to show on search engines.

Since the main page of your site usually has the highest PR and PR is then distributed to every page linked to from the main page, you should cut your PR flow to pages that do not need to show on search engines.

So use the no follow tag on Privacy Policy and Checkout.

You’ll now find that you have more PR flowing into the pages that DO matter. And your SEO rankings will benefit.
This is a small but effective trick.

To use the no follow tag just write your links this way:

><a href="http://www.anothersite.com" rel="nofollow" >Another Site</a>.

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