“The division where the CEO or the entrepreneur is the strongest, is the weakness of the company.”

Daniel Marcos has coached enough entrepreneurs across the USA and Mexico to pick out a single mistake many of them have made. This mistake is so common, yet it doesn’t get highlighted often enough.

And get this – it doesn’t have to do with lack of funds or the wrong marketing techniques. But it will, however, lose you numbers in the long run… in profit and in revenue.

It has to do with your faith in people, and possibly even your own insecurity. So what’s so terrible about your doubt that could cost you money? Check out this 2-minute chat with Daniel that we recorded during the Awesomeness Fest in Mexico last year to find out.

Are you making this one mistake most entrepreneurs make? Give us your opinions in the comments section below. Share this with your team and your network if you agree with Daniel. We do.




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