Did you know that your website is a minefield of variables which can be measured and tested to improve the quality and performance of your business (this means better conversion rates)?

Good news: Our Analytics Team has done the testing for you and has come up with this quickie video that identifies core areas of your website’s “DNA” that would benefit from some minor tweaks with major results.

By testing social media integration, lightbox pop-ups, order menus, free shipping badges and help buttons (to name a few), the Analytics Team has been able to draw up a standard DNA template, or “Website DNA 6.0”, for what a website should look like at the time of set-up.

Check out how “Mindvalley DNA 6.0” can be seen in all of our Mindvalley product websites (such as the one below) and get some ideas for boosting your conversions with some tried and tested methods.

Example of the Website DNA layout on Silva Life System

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