Boosting your Customer Support to higher levels is key for companies who want to not only survive, but who aim to thrive as well.

It’s one thing to focus on improving your support practices to keep customers content, but it’s a whole other ball game to turn those same customers into raving fans — which requires an extra touch of magic.

But by magic, I don’t mean rubbing Aladdin’s lamp…

What I do mean is focusing on human emotion, and what role we play in our customer’s lives.

1. Start with your internal customer

Yes — that’s your employees or collaborators.

  • Hire only the best people

You don’t need to have the coolest place on Earth to attract the best talent (although that helps a lot!). There are some great people out there — just don’t focus on resumes, but rather on attitude. Hire people that have your same values, that want to learn and expand with your company, and are committed to their personal development as well (initial screening is key here).

Social media and word of mouth have been two key factors for growing our Customer Support here at Mindvalley. We receive many applications, but I always pay more attention to the candidates referred by one of our team members when looking for a perfect culture fit.

  • Expand your training beyond knowledge

Every employee should know the procedures and systems of their company, but the most important aspect to focus on is for them to learn how to own the process and make it their own. To have the tools available for them to dig deeper and help “wow” a customer, and to give them freedom to collaborate with their own personal touch.

Time management skills are basic for any team as well 😉

  • Motivation, meaning and engagement

Money is a means goal, it helps us take care of our needs, but it is not a crucial motivator — and many companies forget this. Your employees must know that everything they do each day will have a direct impact on someone’s life (good or bad). They are not “dealing with customers,” but rather they have the choice to improve another person’s experience.

This is powerful.

Find out what moves their heart, what their passions and dreams are, and do everything in your power to help them reach their personal goals. If you serve your employees the best way, they will do the same with your customers.

Love is contagious.

This will also create a bond between them and your company, and the more engaged they feel, the better the energy they will bring to your customers.

Customer Support

2. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes

This sounds very basic, but we sometimes forget to ask how we would like to be treated when looking for support. Make a wish list of what YOU expect in customer service, and think about the companies that deliver this feeling to you.

Here in Costa Rica, there is a supermarket called Auto Mercado. It’s a very classy place, smells nice, they have soft classical music playing on the background, and even though it is a bit more expensive than other supermarkets, I love to go there.


They have not only created a wonderful experience in the setting, but because all of the people who work there — from the guy that sells you fresh bread, to the lady that helps clean the floors — have the best attitude. You are alway greeted with a smile, everyone is willing and open to help you (because they really feel like it and it shows), and so I have a sense of familiarity every time I go there.

Details like when the cashier remembers my name, asks if the apples I bought yesterday tasted good, or even when I’m offered to have my bags carried to the car. I feel welcome, I know they care, and I am drawn to come back over and over to repeat the experience.

Customer Support

3. Simple is better

We are always running around with hundreds of pending stuff in our to-do list, so when we create a product or service for a customer, let’s think about the way to make it as simple and inviting as we possibly can. People really appreciate this, and will keep coming back for more.

I used to work for a building company before coming here to Mindvalley. It was a fun and exciting job — until we started doing business with the government via public bidding.

Every little step about the process was as complicated and bureaucratic as it could get. I imagined they had meetings just to see how they could exasperate people! It was a nightmare that only lasted for three months — but put an end to my seven-year career with that company, leading me to find a new journey.

People will not come to your business to learn a Master’s degree on your product (that is solely your job), they will come for the experience you give them. The more user-friendly, the better it will be for them.

4. Applied feedback and adaptability

Customer feedback is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. It allows companies to know exactly what people want and how they want it, and will lead everything else toward a better experience.

Use technology to open as many different channels of communication for support as you can, so that customers will always have a choice to talk to you the way they feel most comfortable. At Mindvalley we have a call center, online chat services, and emails to fit every need.

Regarding product or service creation, be open and continue exploring what your customers want, not what you want to sell them.

Customer Support

5. Clarity

Before launching a product or service out to the world, make sure everyone in the organization know what’s it about. Clear all paths of internal communication so that the message you give your customers is clear for them to understand.

Define a clear set of rules regarding your offer — such as price, refund policies, discounts, bonuses and features of your product. Also prepare your team for different scenarios they can encounter regarding the new product, so they are empowered and ready to make decisions that will help improve the customer journey.

Clarity = empowered employees = happier customers.

Customer Support

6. Communication between your customer support team and your customers

Technology is a big part of our modern lives, but it is also taking over many of our relationships — replacing real human connection with mechanical help. People don’t want an automated answer. When they call your company, they want to talk to a friend, not a robot, so keep the tone respectful but warm, like when you talk to a friend.

When I receive calls that feel too staged, I immediately feel aversion to whatever message is coming — even before I’ve heard it. The doors to my mind (and interest) get shut just by hearing a person repeating a script (and we all know when that happens)

In every communication, when you really take the time to listen to what the customer wants and what they’re feeling, and answer with an open heart, your customers will appreciate it more than you think (even when things might not run as smoothly as you wish).

Establishing a real human connection is key. This is what transforms a good company into a great one.

If you make a mistake, the world isn’t going to stop and collapse on top of you. Things happen. It’s okay. But if you do make a mistake, take the time to apologize to your customers and take immediate action to make it up to them. Simple.

Customer Support

7. Gratitude

Your customers chose you above the rest of the competition. Find ways to let them know how much you appreciate them for joining your family. This works the same for both external customers, and your internal ones (employees). There was something about your company that moved them, and showing gratitude reinforces that they made the right choice.

Get creative. Gratefulness is an extremely powerful energy frequency, and it can be as easy as choosing the right words to express it.

Every person has a special something that they wish for. Make sure you know what this is (through communication and customer feedback), pack it up, and deliver with love. You might just completely shift another person’s life — just by showing you care.

Customer Support

Following all of these tips has helped Mindvalley become a leader in Customer Support. As a company, we feel as if we’ve hit gold: we now have a Customer Support Team that ranks in the top 2% of companies that use Nice Reply, with a 9.5/10 score.

What has been your favourite Customer Support experience? Share in the comments below. 🙂

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