Fact: Nearly every time we’ve tested a video against long copy page, video came out as a winner.

It seems to be a general rule here. Video just works. Short or long, “talking head” or action, keynote slides or animation – video have always beaten the copy based page. We found that videos are useful practically in any given step of the customer journey: whether it’s a sign up page, sales page, upsell page or even thank you page.

Question is:

If video converts THAT well, why aren’t we turning all the Mindvalley websites into a series of video pages?

On Mindvalley sites, you’ll still find a lot of copy-based pages: long copy sales page, long copy landing page and content pages as well. You can’t go “all video”.  You have to be smart at picking the strategic places on your website where it will impact your conversions the most.

What we put together is a list of three conversion points in the funnel where we have seen amazing success with video.  All results were conclusive.  Apply these in your business and you’ll get more money for the same Ad spend.

1. Video on Landing Page

If you are advertising on Google, your page simply won’t pass if there is no text beside the headline there. So, as much as we would like to do that, video sign-up is not an option. At least if you want to get Google traffic.

But think about it this way: when people have just landed on your page, you want them to know that they are in a right place.  You want them to know it instantly.  That can easily be achieved through the copy:

Headline, sub-headline and image: in one glance your visitor knows that he has arrived to the right place. So he’ll continue reading.

Keeping this in mind, we thought on how we can have both: let the visitor know that he is in the right place, plus use the persuading power of a video to encourage him to sign up.

That’s when we came up with the idea of showing a video only after 20-30 seconds on the page. So only people who are actually interested will see it. That strategy alone increased sign-ups by 13%.

2. Video on sales page.

We are carefully using videos on a sales pages. You don`t want to overload your lead with too many videos, so the best would be to combine your best offers (best value and price, seen by majority of your leads) and video format.

Still, you would rarely see a video-only sales page in a Mindvalley funnel. First, we replaced few long copy sales pages with video sales letters. That was a huge success (every business we’ve tried it on). After celebrating, we asked ourselves if we could still reach even higher. And the answer was yes.

We were inspired by the theory of multiple intelligences by Howard Gardner, who recognizes 8 different learning abilities. Not all your visitors perceive information in the same way. The majority will resonate with a video, but there will still be those who would prefer to read:

– Skimmers, who just wanna run though your headlines and got no time or patience to be watching a 20-minutes video.

– Inspector, who want to read every sentence twice and verify your facts on internet while reading.

All of those would probably just close your video and leave… if you don’t offer them an alternate option. We found that a combination of video + copy works the best. It will improve your sales page conversion anywhere from 5% to 24% (average results we’ve got testing this concept on different businesses).

3. Video on Thank you Page

After your visitor has signed up, purchased or completed any other call-to-action on your website, you want to thank him. A video is the best way to make this “thank you” note feel more personal. It’s also a great chance to introduce the face of the company and make the user feel like he knows you.

In such cases, the video’s purpose is of building trust. Maybe you won’t see an immediate impact on your sales by personally thanking your customers, but if you were to measure, you’d see the impact on a long run.

We’ve tested a video of Vishen saying thank you to every new subscriber of a funnel. After 28 days, the subscribers who’d seen this video generated value per click which was twice higher than the value per click from those who didn’t see the video.

Building trust helps your conversions.

Those are just 3 examples of using videos to improve your conversions. In reality, there are many more ways to use this tool on your website.

Video is a powerful tool, and if used right it can boost your conversions.  But, used wrong, it can send people away. When testing, you must always keep your customer journey in mind: what have the customer seen before this page? What will he see after this page?

Let us know your experiences!

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