For everyone who follows Mindvalley Insights, you are probably aware that we are absolutely crazy in love with testing and website optimization. We even set up a dedicated testing team to roll out tests on all of our websites every week.

We recently got a new toy to play with. Ever since Mindvalley started testing and optimizing websites, we have been using Website Optimizer from Google. As a partner of Google (we have a friendly Google rep visit us weekly) and heavyweight investor in Adwords we thought this was the perfect choice.

However a few months ago, we decided to try this new testing tool the Internet community has been buzzing about. It’s called Visual Website Optimizer (VWO) from Wingify. It was love at first test!

VWO has a sleek user-interface and a friendly navigation bar. Being a dedicated testing tool, it is also packed with options to provide more data. Do I daresay it is the “MAC” of the testing world? Absolutely!

Here are the testing options that you can use with VWO:

1.     A/B Test

2.     Multivariate Test

3.     Split URL Test

4.     Targeting

5.     Usability Test

6.     Conversion Tracking

7.     Heatmap and Clicks

To those of you who are non-tech savvy but want to run your own test, the A/B Test will knock your socks off. Any analyst knows that the challenges with testing is getting a new design and implementing that on your website. When resources are tight, you don’t always get a fast response. But with this testing option, you can virtually play around with your website without HTML knowledge – simply awesome!

In addition to the testing options mentioned above, VWO also has some tools that can enhance your testing methodology:

1.     What To Test

2.     Landing Page Analyzer

3.     A/B Ideafox

4.     Test Duration Calculator

5.     Plugins and Integration

Installing VWO is easy as well. If your website is on WordPress, there is a plugin you can use to active it. No code, no hassle. If your website is on another platform, you only need to put the code once and you are good to go. It’s a one-time installation.

They also have a great customer support team. Apart from e-mail support they are also on Facebook and Twitter. We sent a question to @Wingify on Twitter and got a response from them real quick.

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be sharing with you our first successful test with VWO. Here’s a hint, it’s related to social proof and it boosted both our sign-up rates and our sales.

So stay tuned to find out what it is!

In the meantime, check out our new toy here. 🙂

[googleplusauthor] is the Project Manager of Mindvalley’s Analytics and Innovations Team.

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