I’m gonna be heading to Yanik Silver’s Undergound Online Seminar 9 this February. I attend every year, and Mindvalley has spoken at two of the past seminars. It is truly one of the most amazing events I’ve ever attended. If you’re going, just know that I’ll be at the talks, the networking sessions and the parties, so I would love for you to come up to me and say hi.

And I also want to recommend that you check out the seminar too, because you’ll learn a ton.

Here’s the link >>

(If you buy by clicking on the link above you’ll be supporting Mindvalley Insights, because we’ll get a small affiliate fee).

It was at this very event a few years ago, when I spoke, that the idea for Awesomeness Fest was born. And that sparked the idea for Mindvalley Insights, which later would lead to Zentrepreneur.

In short, without Underground, I probably wouldn’t have started Mindvalley Insights and you wouldn’t be reading this post on this blog. Yanik has also become a great friend of mine, and the event is truly something I recommend.

It so happened that at the last Underground seminar I attended, I brought my video lead there with me. She was so amazed by what she saw at the parties and the networking sessions that she couldn’t help but film a little video. Check it out.

And again, if you would like to sign up for the Underground Online Seminar 9 and also support Mindvalley Insights, click here and buy your ticket through us.


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