Here is a test of two headlines that I just wanted to share with you.  One headline was more subtle and the other one was a bit more aggressive.  It turns out that for the target audience of our client the subtle headline far outsold the more aggressive headline.  What was the difference?

Take a look:

Winning headline:

Losing headline:

The results:

Sign-up rate of winning headline: 16.22% (641 visitors)

Sign-up rate of losing headline: 13.15% (502 visitors)

Gain = 23%

The only difference between the two headlines was that in one sub-headline we added the words “Starting Today.”  That’s it!  However, that alone dropped the sign-up rate from 16% to 13%!  So, the next time you write a headline, be cautious and don’t be too pushy, and the results may surprise you.

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